Starting My Weight-Loss Program


I really need to lose a hundred pounds. I didn’t gain them overnight, either. I gained them over a four-and-a-half-year period, because of stress and grief. It’s easy to understand how I gained it, but it is not helping me or making my life better. In fact, it causes more stress and anxiety over health issues, relationship issues, self-esteem problems, and more. There is only one thing to do: lose it a pound at a time. I’m giving myself seven months to lose a hundred pounds. That means dieting and exercise. I have lost weight before, and kept it off, (though not this much). I can do this. Follow along to see how I do it, with tips from trainers (lucky enough to be working with a few, and know a few), recipes, and strategies.

So, let’s begin.



2 thoughts on “Starting My Weight-Loss Program

  1. Hi, Thanks for your comment. If you have any words of inspiration, comments on your own personal experience, or anything else, feel free to post. K.

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